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Coffee, Family, and Nice Fonts.

A famous baseballer called Babe Ruth once said "Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game".  So pitch me your ideas and I'll try hit them out of the park.

I’m John, a Graphic Designer based on the Mornington Peninsula.  

I have enjoyed over 15 years of drawing things on paper and on the screen. I have a passion for creating and designing things for people and love the way visual art can bring personality and expression to life.

I love all things American (sport, slow cooked bbq and rock music), playing Lego with my kids (pretending that it’s for them) and working on my @PinchySquad brand for my digital illustrations.






What we do.

At WEareFOUR we build personalities through branding, bring ideas into reality through our love of
design and develop engaging content through illustration and branding expertise.


Here are some ways in which we can help you on your creative journey. Please reach out as we would love to be
part of your vision.

- Logo Design

- Business Cards 

 - Signage  

- Style Guides
- Merchandise


- Digital Illustration

- Custom Illustrated Merchandise

- Hand Drawn Portraits

- Book and Character Design  

- Caricatures and Cartoons





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Mt Martha, Victoria  3934

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